Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I pickup the items myself to avoid the delivery charge? Our warehouse is in Rancho Cordova.  We do not keep regular business hours so an appointment will have to be made. However, our local delivery charges are very low. I urge you to at least fill out the form on the "Contact Us" page to at get an estimate. There is no obligation so if you don't like the price then just don't respond.

  2. I'm uneasy about giving you my address at this time. I don't blame you, but I assure you it is safe with us. I don't compile mailing lists as I have neither the time nor desire to do bulk mailings. I cannot stand junk mail and spam. Your info will never leave my database. Still, if you want to get an accurate estimate without giving your address then just give us your street or a nearby street and city.

  3. How can I be assured the items will be clean and undamaged? At the time of typing this, I'm approaching my 6000th customer. I've had THREE unsatisfied customer who complained items were dirty. They were in the same condition as always. Remember, these items are not new, but if they're gross and yecky you'll get your money back on that item. I take pride that my inventory is newer and cleaner than my competitors. Please let me know if you're not satisfied.

  4. What if I break a glass or plate? You will have to give up your first born. Seriously, I won't nickel and dime you for a broken glass or two. If you break a bunch then you'll be charged a replacement cost which typically ranges from $2-$5 each. Also, if you find a chipped/broken item or break one yourself, please just throw it away. I don't want it sneaking by and being rented again.

  5. What if the delivery is late and my event is ruined? I cannot guarantee delivery times. There are just too many variables like traffic and previous deliveries that can cause us to run early or late. I always try to schedule delivery the day before the event to be safe.

  6. Would you like to advertise in the Valley Yellow Pages? Go away.

  7. What do you mean you don't have my order? You sent me an estimate 2 weeks ago? An estimate is an estimate. The items will not be reserved and delivery will not be scheduled until you receive an "invoice". It will say "invoice", will have an invoice number and delivery/pickup dates on it. Items are reserved on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you like the estimate and want to place an order please don't wait too long. The longer you wait the more likely that someone else could reserve your items.


Thanks, Brian.



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